The XR1200 Air Box
The airbox on the XR1200 sits on top of the "downdraft" intake manifold/throtle body.  The bottom of a stock airbox has fittings for the rocker cover breather hoses to pass through and dump into the intake.  I've removed the fittings and put some aluminum tape over the openings, covered by some black electrical tape.  This keeps unfiltered air from entering the airbox with the breather tubes externally routed.

Here is the bottom of the airbox, with a fiberglass air scoop mounted.  Whle the opening on the front of this scoop is slightly larger than stock, the scoop does not increase the size of the airbox.

Air Box Opening

Here is the rubber boot securely inserted into the airbox and sealed onto the intake.  Often during an install, a mechanic or owner will not get this boot fastened properly which allows unfiltered air to enter the engine.

Seat Boot

Since I have clamped the rubber boot that connects the airbox to the throttle body, onto the throttle body, I am lubricating the outer edge of the boot to let it slip easily into the airbox.


Here is the top of the airbox, once it has been set into place on the intake and is ready for the gas tank to be installed over it.

In Place

The airbox is in place.  Ready to install the gas tank.

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XR1200 Gas Tank Installation

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The XR1200 Engine (unplugged) - Overview

Another view of the airbox, looking at the air scoop on the side.


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